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How To Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party in 2023 (FREE CHECKLIST INCLUDED)


So you've been asked to be a maid of honor. If you're anything like us - you're equal parts excited and terrified. What do you need to do? How do you plan a bachelorette party? Is it too late to back out?! Don't panic, Bash Around Town has got you covered! We have the only bachelorette party checklist you'll ever need. 

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6 Months Before the Party:

  • Consult with the bride: Have a conversation with the bride to business her preferences, expectations, and any specific ideas she has for the bachelorette party.
  • Create the guest list: Work with the bride to compile a list of invitees, considering her closest friends, family members, and other important individuals she would like to include.
  • Determine the budget: Collaborate with the bride, bridesmaids, and other relevant parties to establish a budget for the bachelorette party.
  • Choose the location: Research potential destinations or venues for the bachelorette party based on the bride's preferences, budget, and desired activities.
  • Select the date: Discuss potential dates with the bride, considering her availability as well as the schedules of the key guests and participants. Determine whether the bachelorette party will be a single-day event or a weekend getaway, taking into account travel time, budget, and the bride's preferences.

3 Months Before the Party:

  • Send out invitations: Prepare and send out formal invitations to all guests, including comprehensive details about the party, such as the date, location, itinerary, accommodations, and any specific requirements
  • Book accommodations and travel: If the party involves an overnight stay, start researching and comparing accommodations in the chosen location. Consider factors like group size, budget, and proximity to activities. Once the accommodations have been chosen, make the necessary reservations and ensure that all guests' needs are accounted for.
  • Brainstorm activities: Discuss potential activities and experiences for the bachelorette party, keeping in mind the bride's interests, preferences, and any specific requests she may have.
  • Decide on Bachelorette theme: Pick a theme that goes with the brides aesthetic. From 'Dazed and Engaged' to 'Malibu Bride' - we have got your covered on everything from party favors to shirts.    

1 Month Before the Party:

  • Finalize the guest list: Reach out to guests who have not RSVP'd to confirm their attendance or gather any additional information needed. Confirm the final guest list with the bride and update it as necessary. Begin collecting contact information for invitations and further communication.
  • Purchase supplies: Buy any necessary supplies for the party, such as party games, decorations, favors, or other items needed to enhance the overall experience.

2 Weeks Before the Party:
  • Confirm all reservations: Double-check all reservations, including accommodations, activities, transportation, and dining arrangements, to ensure everything is in order.
  • Finalize the itinerary: Review and adjust the schedule of activities if needed, taking into account any
  • Collect remaining funds: If there are outstanding payments from guests, politely remind them to submit their contributions to cover the party expenses.
  • Plan for meals and refreshments: Organize any meals or refreshments that will be part of the party, whether it's making reservations at restaurants, ordering catering, or planning a potluck-style gathering.
  • Pack your essentials: Make a checklist of personal items you will need for the bachelorette party, such as party favors, emergency kits, chargers, and any other necessary supplies. Pack them in advance to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Coordinate with the bride: Touch base with the bride to ensure she is aware of the final plans, itinerary, and any surprises or special moments you have organized for her. Seek her input or address any concerns she may have.
  • Delegate responsibilities: Assign specific tasks or responsibilities to the bridesmaids and other participants, clarifying their roles and ensuring everyone is clear on what they need to contribute or assist with during the party.

Day of the Party:

  • Arrive early and welcome guests: Greet arriving guests, provide them with any necessary information or materials, and make them feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Capture the moments: Assign someone to take photos or videos throughout the party, capturing the special moments and memories created.
  • Engage the guests: Keep the energy and enthusiasm high by engaging the guests in activities, games, or conversations, encouraging participation and interaction.
  • Maintain communication: Keep open lines of communication with the bride, bridesmaids, and any key individuals involved in the party to address any last-minute changes or requirements.
  • Manage any issues or emergencies: Be prepared to handle any unexpected situations that may arise, such as changes in plans, unforeseen circumstances, or any guest-related issues. Stay calm, resolve conflicts if necessary, and ensure the smooth progression of the party.
  • Have fun and celebrate: Remember to enjoy the party yourself and celebrate the bride-to-be alongside the guests. Embrace the joyous atmosphere and create lasting memories for everyone involved!
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